Urban Agriculture Property Tax Credit

Prince George’s County implemented an Urban Agriculture Property Tax Credit to incentivize urban agriculture activities for the purposes of healthy food access, economic development and workforce development. The criteria is as follows:

  • Farm (or lease to an urban farm) on a property that is at least one-eighth of an acre and not more than five (5) acres.
  • Located in the Priority Funding Area, as defined in Section 5-7B-02 of the State Finance and Procurement Article of the Annotated Code of Maryland (This can also be found on PGATLAS.com, the layer can be found under “Administrative” and by turning on “Priority Funding Area”).
  • Used for urban agricultural purposes. (Refer to “Urban Farm” definition in CB-14-2019)
  • Zoned for agricultural uses or permitted as an urban farm pursuant to the Subtitle 27 – Zoning Ordinance of Prince George’s County. Please refer to the Table of Uses in both CB-25-2016 and CB-14-2019 to see if your zone is permitted and the corresponding stipulations referenced in the footnotes.
  • Application must include income documentation.
  • May not be used for any other for-profit purpose that would subject the parcel to property tax liability.

Please review CB-74-2015 and our Urban Agriculture Property Tax Credit Guidelines for more information.