Agricultural Land Preservation

Agriculture is a significant part of Prince George’s County, both as an industry and as a contributor to the County’s character. It is a goal of the Prince George’s Soil Conservation District to preserve land that will produce high quality local commodities, protect scenic vistas and environmentally sensitive areas. In order to achieve this goal the District administers several programs that preserve land through perpetual easements while allowing landowners to retain their private property rights. Land preservation programs administered by the District include: Maryland Agricultural Land Preservation Foundation (MALPF), Rural Legacy and the Historic Agricultural Resource Preservation Program (HARPP).

All three programs accomplish the goal of preserving valuable land by purchasing development rights while allowing the landowner to retain their property. The landowner is compensated for the sale of those rights on a per acre basis. The value of the easement is determined differently with each program.

Please contact Jeanine Nutter, Ag-Land Preservation Administrator, for more information.