Find an Urban Farm

Interested in supporting an urban farm in Prince George’s County? Here’s a list of our County’s urban farms looking to connect with you!

Belloburn – organic hot peppers and hotsauce

Clean Bee Soapworks – honey, soap and body care products

Cockleshell Farm – cut flowers

Cottage in the Court Cut FlowersComing Soon!

ECO City Farms – produce, herbs & microgreens; beginning farmer training program (Bladensburg & Edmonston)urban farm hoop house frame

Ecoblossoms Farm – peonies

Elements of Nature Botanicals & Farmaceuticals – herbs, teas & body care

Garden Thyme – produce & herbs (Clinton)

Hope Honey Farm – honey and bee products

Love & Carrots – edible garden installations, maintenace & coaching

New Brooklyn Farms – farmer-in-residence program; specialty produce; events

Oribella Farms – produce & herbs

Pale Blue Dot Farm – cut flowers & eggs

Primo Noir Organics & Botanicals – produce, herbs & body care

Relish Market – hot peppers, produce, condiments, spices, juices & smoothies

Sweet Love Flower Farm – cut flowers

While not in Prince George’s County, Dreaming Out Loud works with the County’s rural and urban farms by aggregating and distributing their product for their farmers markets and CSAs, as well as, connecting them with other market channels.

Is there an urban farm missing from this list that you would like to share? Contact us!