Agricultural Conservation

The Agriculture division of the District provides technical assistance to farmers, ranchers, and landowners to reduce soil erosion and improve the water quality of the County. Multiple resources are provided by the Maryland Conservation Partnership to develop and implement locally-led soil and water conservation programs. Federal, State, and local agencies contribute operating funds, technical staff, vehicles, and equipment to the District to implement these programs.

Staff members are well versed in many technical areas. Some of these areas include production agriculture, horticulture, animal sciences, soil health, civil engineering, environmental science, geology, and biology.

Agricultural landowners receive technical services free of charge. Planners, technicians, and engineers will prepare soil conservation and water quality plans on farms to address soil and water quality concerns. Best Management Practices (BMP) may be needed to correct a problem. The staff can recommend the best solution and assist with site analysis, survey, design, and construction inspection. If the BMP is eligible for State or Federal cost share, the staff can assist with these programs, as well.

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