Conservation Planning

Soil Conservation and Water Quality plans are developed by the District and provide an overview of a landowner’s operation. The Plan assists landowners in identifying, conserving and enhancing the natural resources on their property. Acquiring and applying a plan is free and voluntary (unless the farm is located in the Chesapeake Bay Critical Area, in Ag Land Preservation or participating in cost share programs).

A Soil Conservation and Water Quality plan contains:

  • An aerial photograph, map or diagram of the farm
  • An inventory of natural resources on the farm
  • A soil map indicating the location and types of soils on the farm
  • Soils descriptions with key characteristics of the soils
  • A list of management decisions, recommended Best Management Practices (BMPs) and implementation schedule
  • Additional information relevant to the farm: soil loss, seeding recommendations, grazing plan, etc.

Contact the District for more information or to schedule a farm visit.