What We Do

District urban conservation engineers have a Bachelor’s Degree with a background in Agronomy, Soils, and/or engineering.  All erosion and sediment control plans are reviewed for conformance with the Maryland Standards and Specifications for Soil Erosion and Sediment Control as well as the Prince George’s Soil Conservation District Soil Erosion and Sediment Control Pond Safety Reference Manual.  All pond plans and pond as-builts are reviewed for conformance with the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service – Conservation Pond Standard.

Grading, erosion, and sediment control plans are reviewed and approved for residential, commercial, forest harvest, stream maintenance, surface mining, fill sites, landfills, and county or municipal projects.  Other plans reviewed and approved by the District include Prince George’s County rough grading permits, subdivision plans, pond plans, and pond as-builts.  Erosion and sediment control and pond plans approved by the District are used to obtain construction permits in the jurisdictions of Prince George’s County, City of Bowie, City of Greenbelt, City of Laurel, and for State surface mining.  70% of the District plan workload is for Prince George’s County permits. 

The District urban staff has reviewed an average of over 2000 plans per year for the last five years.  The average turnaround time for plans submitted for review during that time is under three work days.  The District maintains a policy of a maximum 10 day turnaround time for any plan.  The District is well regarded as being responsive to the needs of the development community and in the private engineering sector for reviewing and approving grading, erosion, and sediment control plans in a timely manner.

To improve the enforcement of approved grading, erosion and sediment control and SWM pond plans, the District urban staff has provided much needed technical training to the DPW&T office of engineering and site inspectors.  This training has been conducted on a regular basis for the past three years.  This training is scheduled to continue for the upcoming changes; to integrate SWM and Erosion and Sediment Controls, new Erosion and Sediment Control Standards and Specifications, and New Soil Survey interpretations. 

The District urban staff assists MDE Water Management Administration for delegation of erosion and sediment control enforcement authority for Prince George’s County, City of Bowie, City of Greenbelt, and City of Laurel. Upon request, the urban staff provides technical information and assistance in resolving soil related concerns for county citizens and landowners.